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Indian vs Pakistan: Still the same flavor??

I would guess not considering that the number of matches played between 2004 and 2007 entered the zone of being excessive. Further, the kind of tension that used to exist at Sharjah matches seems to have disappeared. Yes, the last match played at the Asia Cup was still enthralling and I was glad to see Gautam Gambhir give a verbal thrashing to Kamran Akmal. However, I still feel that the passion of such clashes has somewhat diminished….or it could be that the alternative means of entertainment has made us a bit immune to what such matches offer.

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  1. I guess you are right about the flavor missing but then u also got to consider that it is not always a case of too many games being played..just look at the Aussie fans and the manner in which they support every game played against england..notwithstanding that england have been the perpetual losers against them for more than a decade now.


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