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Micromax Cup 2010: Some glaring mistakes!

The tri-series between India, Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka is underway and though it is good to see the two sub-continental teams trying out some youngsters and allowing the spectators to watch new players who are willing to push themselves real heard, there are some issues that need to be introspected. For starters, both the Indian and Lankan teams have rested too many of their regular players. It should be remembered that the series is being played in Zimbabwe: a place that needs its regular dose of cricketing stars to engage more spectators.
Thus, allowing these two teams to rest as many as six and seven or so players is seriously disturbing and just doesn't help the cause of popularizing the game in the African continent. Further, the pitch is posing some questions. It seems that there aren't too many options in terms of choosing pitches on the main square. As a result, the matches are being played continuously on the same stretch and the pitch is getting slower with each progressing match. In all probability, by the time the finals arrive, the pitch wouldn't be worth more than 180 runs as a match-winning score. The big plus has come about in terms of Zimbabwe's win against India. Though this might hurt the Indian cricket fans back home, it helps the cause of uplifting the game in Zimbabwe to a large extent. 


  1. I agree and add to this, the fact that Indians and Lankans form the bulk of diaspora that inhabits Zimbabwe. Just with this consideration, the team managements should have ensured a few star players from each side rather than resting nearly half the Indian team.

  2. perhaps the biggest mistake is that they keep playing lanka and India on such a regular basis, I have started getting confused among some of the spinners regarding their identity, whether they are from SL or India!!

  3. the biggest mistake was sending such a sorry-looking Indian team to play an international series.


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