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Yuvraj's Mommy does the talking: does it get more absurd??

All those who have been following cricket in the sub-continent are largely accustomed to every aspect of cricket being magnified and repeatedly put through a post-mortem like exercise. So when the entire story about the Indian team's pub-brawling came to the fore, it was just a matter of time before the entire matter would get pumped-up beyond reasonability. However, what I was not prepared for was Yuvraj Singh's mother sitting comfortably on her couch and trying to explain how his very 'innocent' son should not be made the scape-goat every time the team loses for some other reason. Here I was believing all along that
the concept of having senior players in the team was that they led by example and given the T20 squad that India had, Yuvi was certainly the senior player, wasn't he?  Wait, it gets even more ridiculous when I saw some cricketing "experts" trying to explain what M/O Yuvraj Singh was trying to say!! I mean if there is some sort of stupidity being committed, it is necessary to make the entire matter seem even more ridiculous by having someone to explain it or simplify it?? This is what cricket has been reduced to...just wait until aunty cricket hits us!!


  1. I can dig what you are trying to say. It is okay for some controversies to surface and players to defend themselves. but to call upon their mothers...creepy man!! or disturbing I should say.

  2. Just wait for the tri series between Lanka, India and Zim to get underway. a few runs by any of the failed Indian stalwarts and the channels are going to be buzzing with the hidden potential of these players...why does it remain hidden for such a considerable time? we should ask rohit sharma all accounts expecting him to see even fatter, duller and more hopeless when he comes out to bat...

  3. Thank God they dropped Yuvi for the Asia Cup in Lanka. His tummy was protruding through his cricket gear for months. I actually agree with coach kirsten when he said that his fitness was better than that of some Indian least for Yuvi this holds true.

  4. you are right about the fitness issue but why is Yuvraj trying to pretend that nothing happened? I mean Yes, no professional player is going to openly admit that he or she is unfit but a minimal degree of honesty can be expected at least when addressing his own fans??


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