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WI vs South Africa: Nash & Chanderpaul seem like the perfect batting couple!

It was heartening to see that somebody from the WI camp finally decided to bat with some semblance of spirit. As a result, the hosts are now in a position to easily draw the game unless they do something drastically stupid. Once again, the rescue act has been perpetrated by Chanderpaul. He is someone I have often written about on this blog. He appeals to my senses with his ability to succeed despite not having the natural flair that most left-handed batsmen possess or the arrogance that is trademark of the Calypso batsmen. Now, it seems that he has found an able supporter in the form of Nash. This guy is your typical grafter. He doesn't have a stroke of brilliance and if your looking for someone to make TV viewing pleasurable with off-side drives and straight pushes, Nash is not the guy one would like to recommend. He is very much like Chanderpaul, wait-out the bowler's patience and then seize upon the opportunity to score-off the slightly wayward deliveries. Until then, it is all about composure and nudging and pushing for the singles. Anyways, it is widely believed that a player's overall effectivity determines his worth in his team and not his style of performing...I hope, the likes of Sarwan and Yuvraj are listening.

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  1. Sarwan has been contributing rather consistently. the issue with him is his dealings in the local circuit back is said that he has been involved in some backdoor dealings and for a long time, his life was under severe threat. in fact, this happened to many west indian players before but never has the issue gone so far that he literally had to go underground to prevent being hunted down by the mafia or whatever he was trying to escape. Yes, the part about Yuvi is much does he weigh now?


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