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Anybody watched T20 Women’s World Cup matches?

International cricket certainly isn't going to go score many points for equality of the genders. For starters, there is little that the ICC has done for the female cricketers in terms of scheduling tournaments across the world. Secondly, the broadcast of women’s matches for something as important as the world cup were done so shabbily that not many people even realized that just when their teams were fighting out for a semi-final berth in the West Indies, the women counterparts of the men’s teams were also sweating it out to make a point, both in terms of engaging attention towards their skills and winning an ICC tournament. I still don’t get it—the viewership for T20 World Cup itself wasn’t too encouraging and further the spectator interest in island nations was also abysmal, then how scheduling women’s cricket matches in the same stadium really helps the cause of women’s cricket?

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  1. You seem to have totally missed the point—understand this, the matches for women cricket was held in the same stadiums that were hosting the men’s cricket matches and sometimes these matches were scheduled alternatively, in between the men’s matches to ensure that somehow spectator interest was engaged towards the ladies’ cricket…what kind of a strange opinion is this? U are ridiculing the ICC even when it is actually trying do something good!!


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