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Malinga, bound to be T20 World Cup’s best bowler?

This might seem a bit premature to most cricket fans but considering the performance of Lasith Malinga over the past two years in T20 matches, it is almost sure that if the Sri Lankan team is able to enter the final four of the World Cup 2010, the slinger from the Emerald Island is bound to become the best bowler on show. The reasons aren’t difficult to understand considering how regularly he bowls yorkers with such amazing accuracy. Further, he has the ability to bowl about 20, block-hole deliveries
in his given quota of 24 deliveries and he has been doing so very impressively. There is nearly no other bowler who can claim to bowl the full-length ball with so much ease. Even Steyn from SA, despite having lots of pace, does struggle to keep-up six balls on the go, around the middle stump, fullish length like Malinga. Since T20 is all about containing the batsmen rather than dismissing them and if this parameter is taken into account, Malinga perhaps has no other competition. The only other bowler who comes close to Malinga in terms of hitting the yorkish length is the wild-card entry from Pakistan, Mohammad Sami but then again you can never say much about a Pakistani player considering their tendency to self-destruct.


  1. I think this is a bit too early to start thinking about the best bowler in the world should realize that the matches are being played on some very slow surfaces and spinners could well turn out to be the best bowlers.

  2. What about Dirk Nannes? U seem to have forgotten that he is among wickets in nearly every match he has played in the T20 world cup so far. Nannes has been able to bowl out the opening or frontline batsmen, consistently in nearly every match. Further, Nannes is taking wickets not because batsmen are overtly aggressive against him but due to his sheer pace and movement off the pitch.

  3. Yes, you are right. malinga has not fired so far and Nannes seems to be on top at the moment. However, there are still many more matches to go and it is too early to choose the best bowler. I am a bit surprised that Nannes has been chosen over Bollinger who did so well in IPL2010


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