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Do Dhoni's remarks indicate an underlying apprehension?

I might be getting a bit too suspicious here but the fact is that on the eve of their departure to the West Indies for the forthcoming World Cup 2010, the Indian captain did seem very mindful of the fact that most of his team members had participated in the very demanding format of the IPL3 and that this Indian squad certainly wasn't the freshest one in terms of the participating teams at the Caribbean event. What makes me believe this is that MSD himself isn't the greatest of supporters for the theory of playing non-stop cricket.

If you look at this captaincy record, there have been instances where MSD had himself sought the permission of the BCCI to take a rest between two series-something that no other Indian captain has dared to do in the past. Further, Dhoni himself has a very suscpet back that has been troubling him for the last two seasons. Further, to maintain the balance in the team, he cannot risk taking upon another specialist keeper to resolve this issue. So, there is basically no way in which Dhoni can reduce his workload and further, some critical teammates like Ashish Nehra and Yuvraj Singh are still recuperating and are yet to hit peak fitness.

In the background of such issues, it was strange to see that Dhoni went on to explain that his team was 'fresh' at the press conference held on the eve of the team's departure and went on to explain this without much prompting from the surrounding media persons? Is he being wary of something that is bothering the team management?


  1. i would certainly say that Dhoni's men would be the most tired lot at the world cup. just look at their schedule: it is just crazy. to play IPL 2010 and then depart for the world cup just after four or five days sounds very stupid.

  2. I really do not understand this being 'tired' thing, these are international players or school kids? I could have understood such theories being put forth ten years back but these guys are paid one hell of an amount to keep performing and they should do it.

  3. U seem to be reading a lot into how people are addressing their press conferences. Please understand that the only thing that matters is the performane. even if the indian squad is a tired lot, there is not reason to complain if they end up winning the tournament and given the average age of this young team, tiredness or exhaustion should not be a factor.

  4. U have not understood what I meant: I am talking about the subtle hint of a bit of underlying fear in Dhoni's mind about the fact that his team has been playing non-stop cricket for more than a month. further, after playing in the IPL for three seasons and after having won it this time, Dhoni cannot even afford to say something against the scheduling of IPL>

  5. after watching India's first match against afghanistan yesterday, I would agree that the team doesn't look that fresh but then again, they were never going to take this match very seriously, isn't it?


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