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T20 World Cup 2010: slower pitches, bigger boundaries & the calypso factor

I have not watched many matches of the just-started WC 2010 in the West Indies but I can easily tell that at least during the group stage of the tournament, the pitches are going to be rather slow and the batsmen might have to work a bit harder than they are used to. In fact, this is a bit of a pleasant change considering that T20 games are largely decided by batsmen who are given the luxury of scoring off every ball, courtesy, the shorter boundaries and dead pitches. In this regard, it is worth mentioning that the boundaries too seem stretched out in the West Indies which means that batsmen would have to run harder and there would be less boundaries scored in the match. Whether this was done by default or through meticulous planning to make the game more even is unknown but it must offer some relief to the harassed T20 bowlers.

And I must add that the old Calypso thing of dancing in the stands and using all sorts of strange musical contraptions is back. I was wondering after the last, 50-over World Cup if all the cheering had also gone away to the basketball games just like they say that all the young, promising West Indian fast bowlers end-up re-directing themselves towards the NBA league. Further, there is a strong wind that has been prevailing since the outset of the tournament. While this does make the life difficult for the bowlers and the fielders to a certain extent, it also ensures that the spinners can strive for getting some deviation upon flighting the ball. This is something that could work wonders for teams like India and Sri Lanka that are packed with specialist and plenty of part-time spinners.


  1. I seriously don't know from where you get your facts. Newspapers around the world have reported that the crowds are seriously short at west indies world cup and you are still gloating about the calypso spirit!!

  2. U got it ALL wrong. I am not talking about the number of spectators in the ground but the fact that the drums and the liquor and the belly-shaking caribbean thing is back at the stands that was missing from the last world cup hosted here.

  3. one thing you forgot to mention is the amount of rainfall the west indies is having and the way it is spoiling so many matches. the kind of match that england lost to the west indies: just imagine if that happens in the semi-finals!!

  4. you are right about the rainfall playing a spoilsport, I still don't understand how come the weather guys and the authorities don't seem to consider these things when planning something as critical as the world cup T20


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