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Pakistan does it again: cricketing idiocy at its very best

If there was a Razzie for the worst cricketing team to have ever numbed our senses, the award would have gone to the Pakistan team, every year, every time. It is difficult to even coin a name for what their Board has done now, having fined nearly half the team and banned the other half. Further, nearly every cricketing expert believes this is to be another PCB histrionic wherein the players will be reinstalled much before they pay their dues or complete their sentences. Why? Simply because this is how Pakistani cricket is run and this time too, we have no reason to believe otherwise. If an innocent Pakistani were to look at the present situation, though it is difficult to believe that there are any people who don’t realize the depths to which their team has fallen, it would seem that there is simply no player in the national team who isn’t charged of either indiscipline, camping against senior or juniors, taking sides, tampering with balls, speaking against higher authorities or even doping…phew!!


  1. I hope you are not assuming that this is the last of what we have heard from the PCB. this is one of the most self-destructive cricketing bodies in the world that has repeatedly jeopardized the interests of its own players and this saga is bound to continue until there are some drastic changes made to the governing body's realm of control over the players.

  2. Another unnecessary controversy has come up that involves a Pakistani cricketer, i.e. the marriage of shoaib malik to Indian tennis ace, sania mirza. however, in this regard much cannot be blamed on the media or the PCB for playing-up the issue, it is simply a case of things being handled in a very lackadaisical manner by shoaib for an issue as grave as his marital status. However, one wishes that the media can control itself and not combine issues like this to the cricketing ties of the two nations.

  3. The dope on pakistan cricket gets spicier with every passing day. to add to what all has already transpired in 2010, the shoaib malik wedding fiasco further ensured that there is no end to the drama that surrounds this team.

  4. despite what all you have reported as being stupid about this team, there is a high chance that they still might win the T20 world cup 2010


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