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Hayden’s got a racquet instead of a bat!!

Yes, as unbelievable it may sound, Matthew Hayden of Australia has got some sort of a half-racquet, half-bat for the third edition of the IPL. Many people had suggested that the increasing amount T20 cricket being played in these days would eventually lead to further changes in the way batsmen approached their game, and this includes the gear and the equipment they use. If you look at it, Big Matty’s new bat has an extremely long handled and the actual meat of the bat is just about 80% of a conventional bat. I guess, it means that he is planning to stand on his backfoot and use his bat for swinging across the line even more now. Just one question though—wasn’t Hayden scary enough for the bowlers with his old bat that he had to bring something so ridiculous looking and so far-off from the norm?


  1. this is after the introduction of a double-blade, sword-like bat that has been introduced in county cricket. why don't they just tell the bowlers that all the huffing and puffing and physical training for bowling fast is not going to get them anywhere..with military-style tech coming into making bats, hitting the ball is no longer an art or expression of is just the obvious thing to do...anything else is passe!

  2. He got a Mongoose for God knows what reason. It looks a kid's bat in the hands of that Aussie giant and further, he doesn't seem to be scoring a lot with it!!


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