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IPL3: Not jerking this—Daredevils do have an edge

You might say that I am blowing the same horn that has been voiced by some of the betting agencies who have placed the Delhi Daredevils as the most favored team to win the IPL3 but this isn’t so—the fact is that this is one of the most balanced sides in the third edition of the IPL. They have someone like Glenn McGrath waiting in the ranks and Rajat Bhatia hasn’t been listed for the first four matches though he is a very useful all-rounder. Further, there is an abundance of handy players in the side who can bat and bowl, including the likes of Sehewag and Dilshan who are good enough to win matches with their batting alone. Add to this mix, the likes of Gambhir, the Daredevil skipper, and DeVilliers and you have the most formidable batting line-up in the competition. The fielding standards too are at par with any other team playing in IPL3 and none of the players are scheduled to leave the side before the final match is played—a problem being faced by many sides in the competition, and none of the benched players are unfit or struggling for form. What all this means is that Daredevils are the only side that can field a full-fit and competitive side for each of their IPL3 league matches.


  1. you seem to have forgotten the Deccan Charges,and I say this not just because they won IPL2009 but simply because they have a similar balance. yes, the Daredevils may have a few more of the bits and pieces players but the DC have got batsmen who can constantly score big, particularly Gilchrist.

  2. u were gloating a lot about the Daredevils being a very balanced side but in yesterday's defeat against the Mumbai Indians they certainly didn't look like the champions??

  3. Just to confirm my point, the Daredevils are back in the reckoning with some excellent performances and are sure to gain a semi-final birth. Further, Dilshan and Gambhir are yet to get cracking and yet, the Devils batting line-up looks formidable. I dare to say that Mishra is bowling as well as Warne as far as IPL2010 is concerned.

  4. well it seems that rooting for the daredevils did not make much sense now that they have crashed out...I still find it hard to believe that none of their four, big hitters really got going this time...Dilshan was such a disappointment, considering his awesome form last season.


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