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IPL3: The 'old' guys shining bright!

I have myself never bothered to think too much about the age factor at least when it comes to sports but it does seem that many of the players and coaches in international cricket do think that it is only youth that can survive the rawness with which T20 is played. I would like to point-out to these people that if the performances of IPL3 are closely watches, it seems that it is the older, more experienced guys who are excelling in performing consistently. Whether it is the sheer genius of the master-blaster Sachin Tendulkar or the prolific form of the very-consistent Kallis, it seems that experience does matter even when it comes to playing a game that many believe is all about batting like crazy and hit the living daylights out of the cricket ball. Yes, someone like Murali Vijay has been able to impress but what about the likes of Brave or Pollard or for that matter, the much talked-about, Rohit Sharma? These guys are supposed to be the force that is supposed to take T20 game forward, but they cannot seem to score some runs against the near, 40-yr old Kumble in a competition that isn't even being played with clear distinction in terms of representing your country.


  1. You seem to have forgotten about the likes of Laxman or Jayasuriya and even Gibbs who haven't performed as per the expectations. This entire debate of the age factor simply does not make sense. I agree when you say that age has nothing to do with performance and the current season of IPL3 should underline this fact and highlight it to the entire cricket world.

  2. Yes, this is true that the fate of many teams has been jeopardized by the fact that the younger lot haven't been able to impress as some folks might have imagined. Further, it seems that the younger, Indian players, recruited from their Domestic circuit are the ones who are really performing. Just look at Saurabh Tiwary: some people might say that he is trying to ape Dhoni in his mannerisms but if the can hit the ball equally hard and consistently, what is the harm with it?

  3. I would not like to call these guys, 'old'. I realize by saying so you wanted to point out the ageist manner in which the media can react. but these are world-class, proven performers who will perform in any given format.

  4. the same seems to be happening in Champions League 2010 where the more established players are coming good...I do believe that these tournaments can make it real big and make an impact only when some breakthrough, attention-grabbing players start to come through.

  5. it is not just the IPL..even if you look at the current test series between india and new zealand: vvs laxman is having an amazing year with the bat when he is past 36!! this is perhaps the most consistent run he has had and we cannot say that he has had it easy since most of scores in the recent past have been match-saving or match-winning innings.


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