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Wake-up India, the Test Series with SA is upon you!

Just one day to go for a test series that is supposed to decide who would hold on to test cricket ranking of number one and strangely, there is not much commotion in the usually, over-active India media. For some strange reason, the arrival of the SA team in India, their subsequent practice match and the lead-up to the first test match in Nagpur has had a sleepy feel to it. For me, it is extremely difficult to decipher the exact reason considering that even the Indo-Bangladesh series was talked about, even before it began! My gut feeling is that this could hurt the Indian team since the batsmen in particular are known to get a bit over-insulated if the opposition doesn’t make the expected noise. Could it be that Graeme Smith has planned this move? I seriously wish someone from the Indian camp makes some statements about the fact that the Proteas are here without a regular coach—I mean someone who has been earmarked for being fired in the very near future…tsk, tsk, when will the Indian team learn to play ‘dem mind games??!!


  1. I am not sure about Graeme Smith having planned this but yes, u are right about the Indian team's habit to take things a bit too easy if the opposition is not pricking them..any word on the team composition? I mean does Dhoni even have two genuine spinners to consider? Kumble still looks better than Mishra, Bhajji and Ojha put together.

  2. Looking by the way first two, south african wickets fell on first morning of nagpur test, it looks like it is south africans who are a bit sleepy. on more thing...saw Bhajji bowl some overs in just a few hrs back...he looks totally listless, as if he is playing under tremendous pressure or trying to win a world cup by himself for his nation, is he?? well, if he is not, then there is no reason for such abysmal bowling from a supposed world-class spinner.

  3. Seriously boring first day at nagpur. I still don't know why Sehewag does not bowl more regularly. I agree with ur analysis about Bhajji. He is out of form and has been for almos a year now but the team just cannot think beyond him. He is not even half way there when compared to someone like a Kumble.

  4. Yeah, u were right about the Indian team being asleep. How else u explain that on a pitch where a score of about 600+ was scored so easily, their batsmen have been unable to reach double figures. Yes, STeyn did bowl beautifully but some of the strokes or the lack of defence I should say was shocking...


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