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Great to have a combo of Mitchell, Bollinger and Bracken

Ricky Ponting might not make it very obvious in his post-match speeches but it is no secret that the Aussie bowling resources are reaching a remarkable level. I am particularly impressed by their left-arm riches. Just consider the fact that they have three different bowlers of this bowling style and each one bowls very differently and in fact, all of them can play together in a match though the probability of something like that happening in the near future is minimal. Bollinger comes across as a hit-the-deck sort of left-armer who seems to enjoy a bit of zest in the pitch. Bracken on the other hand is more suited to the dry surfaces since he bowls so many of those off-cutters. Now look at Mitchell Johnson, he is somewhat of a combo of these two bowlers and probably the fastest of the lot and can bat pretty well too. What is even more remarkable is the fact that just about 10 months back, the Australian bowling cupboard looked bare or that is what everyone thought and now the newest of additions like Siddle, McKay and Harris are taking wickets by the heap and Ponting must be perplexed who to leave out in a match.


  1. what u seem to have forgotten is that Shane Watson too is bowling some pretty useful spells and despite all the negativity about Hauritz being called an average spinner, he is pretty useful in the shorter format of the game. Now add Cameron White as a part-timer and u have the best bowling unit at least in ODIS and T20s.

  2. U are reading too much into Watson's bowling. he did begin as a good bowler but now his batting has taken over big time...yes, McKay is genuinely good and looks the part for a very, very bright future.

  3. I would like to hear what dhoni or kirsten have to say about this, considering that they are struggling to field even two bowlers who take some wickets or at least keep batsmen from hammering the living jeepers out of the indian bowling attack..that is the other thing> for the time being, the Indian team should not use the word 'attack' for their bowling resources unless they find some real men to do the job.

  4. This is going to serve them well in the upcoming world cup t20 too, the left-hand seamers are harder to hit and if they keep on rolling the seam like an off-spinner making long hits can be very difficult against them


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