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India need a Steyn-remover

It is hard to comprehend which of the Indian batsmen is capable of taking on Steyn but unless something is done soon, this test series spells doom for the Indian team. None of their batsmen seem comfortable against Steyn’s reverse swing and his ability to move the ball either ways from the good-length area. The only thing I can suggest is that somehow the presently not-so-impressive Gautam Gambhir can somehow try and step out of his crease and come down the wicket, just to spoil Steyn’s line and create some breathing space for the rest of his teammates.


  1. are u seriously out of your mind? u want the opening batsmen who cannot even pick the line of the ball and seem lost to even offer the bat or not when Steyn is bowling, to actually come down the pitch in the T20 style?? i guess this is what happens when u have those IPL matches being played all the time.

  2. Gambhir is not in the kind of form that he can take upon such a good fast bowler and actually throw him off his line. What should be done instead, is to wait out Styen and tire him to a certain extent rather than offering the bat to every ball he pitches up to the batsmen.

  3. the indian selectors are banking upon Laxman to bail them out in the second test match. considering the way laxman plays outside the offstump and the way he sits on the backfoot, i seriously doubt that he is going to be real match-saver against Steyn or Morkel.


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