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The cupboard is bare beyond Zaheer

The Indian selectors might still put up a brave face and say that the pitch for the Eden Garden test match is not going to be doctored but the fact remains that until this is done, the chances of India winning the final test match are rather slim. The reason lies more in the depleted bowling resources rather than the inability of the batsmen to handle short-pitched bowling. It seems that after Zaheer's initial burst, there are no other Indian bowlers who can even induce some pressure on the batsmen, leave alone actually bowling them out. This is when, just about four months back the entire Indian media was overwhelmed with "so many younger bowlers coming through", now where are they? Was that wishful thinking or the tendency to bloat-up things that has become endemic to media coverage for Indian cricket.


  1. I guess the aussies are the best served in this perspective, since they have found 3-4 good strong bowlers who like going the distance. I remember srinath saying a lot about the nutrition aspect of the indian bowlers, could that be a reason, or is it like an endemic fitness issue with indian athletes?

  2. I guess the only team that is struggling as much as india in terms of good pace bowlers is sri lanka. with vaas gone and malinga carrying two injuries, there are no good bowlers to take them further, at least that is what it look likes to me

  3. it surely is, absolutely and totally bare and the main reason lies the poor manner in which the young bowlers are being handled and the volume of cricket that they play...just look at their schedules including T20 games played as a part of the IPL, why else do u think so many aussie and english bowlers have opted not the play in IPL3????

  4. What happened to that guy Kulkarni from the Mumbai Indians? he was supposed to have taken loads of wickets in the domestic circuit and was regarded as a worthy opening bowler to share the load with Zaks??


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