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Paul Harris in the Giles mold?

Just looking at Paul Harris bowl in test matches against India, I wonder what kind of a spinner he really is, that is assuming that he can be called a spinner at all? For starters, he never spins the ball. His deviation of the ball in the air is minimal to negligible and even on the slowish wickets he has always struggled to get batsmen out, i.e. by putting genuine spin into effect. What he does do remarkably well is follow in the Giles mold, wherein both of these men can bowl outside the leg-stump all day long, restricting the run scoring and hoping that one, odd delivery will take-off from the weathered area outside the leg-stump region. Phew...I never knew mediocrity has its followers and further more, success too, since Graeme Smith has repeatedly said that Harris is an important 'bowler' for the team.


  1. U are right about Harris being just a restrictive and I must add, very pedestrian bowler. the second day of the Eden garden test match against India proved that once again as the umpired kept signalling wide every time harris went too far down the leg side and every time he pitched a bit close to the pads, both tendulkar and sehewag picked him with such ease.

  2. Whatever may be the mold or his style of bowling, it is simply too restrictive and boring. I understand about the part about players being effective but both of these guys are just not worth watching on the TV


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