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Not the right time to be mouthing-off, Gayle

As if the absence of the three main batsmen in the team, Sarwan, Chanderpaul and Bravo wasn’t sufficient, the west Indian captain, Chris Gayle went on to make a strange prediction before the start of the Australia – WI, ODI series that his team would win it 4-1. Has that helped the team in any conceivable way? Really not. Just look at the result of the first two matches and it is clear that once again, the men from Calypso were simply outplayed. So the question I would like to ask Gayle is that what he was trying to do, making such outrageous comments? His team certainly doesn’t have the track-record of winning series and the absence of such critical players was bound to take its toll. It is fine being a bit brave, or even cocky if you are playing the Aussies, but 4-1, against the Aussies in Australia, really?


  1. I guess the stark opposite to Gayle’s misplaced sense of confidence or whatever u might call it, is the approach of South African captain, Graeme Smith. He didn’t utter a single word that reeked of intense competitiveness or anything close and yet his team proved in the first test match against the Indians that they playing not just to mend records but claim the number test spot.

  2. this is not new in contemporary cricket, nearly every other captain seems to be getting obsessed with playing some sort of "mind games", at least that is what they call it but now, it is getting so repetitive that the entire thing has lost its ability to engage viewership


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