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South Africa must be planning to bounce-out Indians

The recent test matches in Bangladesh might have been easily won by the Indian team but the fact is that the team's inability to handle the short-ball became a bit too obvious for the comfort of the coach and the captain. I say so because the Indian team is about to take on the Proteas and the SA team has some of the tallest bowlers who would have smelt blood looking at the predicament of the Indian batsmen. While some folks might say that the discomfort of the Indians was precipitated by their tendency to take the Bangladeshi bowlers a bit casually...the fact is that most Indian batsmen just don't expect bowlers to be hitting their helmets in home conditions. Thus, this might just become their undoing when Morkel and a rejuvenated Dale Steyn bend their backs and try to aim for their jawlines. Does that mean that the Indian batsmen will fail? Not really, I just wanted to highlight that this aspect could well become the most attention-grabbing feature of the short test series. Further, the Indian team really does not have the bowlers to reciprocate the favor. U really cannot expect Zaheer Khan to keep bowling throughout the day and there is no besides him who can bowl short-pitched stuff in an effective manner.


  1. I think u are reading too much into Morkel's performance against the Poms..try to get this fact clear-those pitches were typical SA and that too after a reasonable season of rainfall in those parts and the grass cover and the moisture made it county-like conditions...where are you gonna find a surface like that in India? Nagpur...even the trees there have no water for their roots!!

  2. what u seem to be forgetting is that on these dusty, sub-continental pitches the batsmen will be surprised, particularly the Indians, if the short-pitched ball is well-directed, i.e. within the rib-cage area. These batsmen just aren't used to playing this kind of stuff on their home turf and hence the big 'surprise' factor

  3. If you look at the first day of SA practice match against the boards president eleven that featurs india's upcoming batsmen, nearly each batsman was floored by short bowling. none of the young guys trying to impress the selectors could handle sustained short-pitched bowling and this could be a precursor for things to follow. wet conditions or not, as long as the proteas have young and fresh bowlers, they will try to hurry on to the indian batsmen by making them pull and hook against their liking


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