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Pakistan’s chronic ‘multi-skipper’ symptom raises its ugly head again

If you are talking about a side that has issues due to a staggering number of present, ex and wannabe skippers in the team, then Pakistan is the unquestioned focus of such discussion. The present side has been under a lot of pressure due to reasons that are beyond their talent or their inherent abilities—I guess, we all understand that in terms of raw talent, there is no team that can catch-up with Pakistan. The team did have some degree of success playing in the T20 matches and Afridi looked like someone who could take charge in an unchallenged manner in the ODIs and T20s and Younis Khan seemed to be doing reasonably well as the test captain. But then, the old symptom of Pakistani selectors doing something totally inconceivable and avoidable happened—Mohammud Yousuf has been made the new skipper and Afridi’s displeasure about the entire issue is crystal clear. Yousuf is a great batsman no doubt, but his leadership is passive. Further, there really was no need to bring him in at a time when the team is in a difficult situations, trying to reassemble itself. The results of this utter stupidity by the PCB administrators is there to be seen—the Pakistani team is playing like a bunch of reluctant schoolboys and the Aussies are walking all over them in each match since the day the Pakistan team landed Down Under.


  1. U should have talked about the reluctancy of many present and ex-Pakistani captains too. Younis Khan was probably the most hesitant international skipper ever and Shoaib Malik looked as if he was sleep-walking through the entire term when he was leading the team. No wonder, the team did so badly under him. I would say that Afridi could be a risky but effective option.

  2. Along with the split captaincy issues now the team is facing tampering charges...yet again!! And that too the man u just said had the potential to be a good skipper, Shahid Afridi...but even then, no one can be faulted for this. the pakistani team is just too unpredictable for anything to make sense.


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