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Dhoni not up to 'Test' standards?

I don't want to sound too critical but I have been seeing Dhoni bat against the Proteas in the ongoing test match series and it seems that a lot of commentators too believe that MSD really isn't up to the benchmarks of batting in the test match arena. The difference does become apparent when you compare his one-day record with this test match scores. For starters, he has rarely scored big against a good bowling side and hence, his struggles against the South Africans and other foreign teams, particularly when travelling abroad. The difference wouldn't have been so magnified had his ODI record too been along the same lines but we all realize that he is among the best of batsmen in the shorter versions of the game. Hence, the question really is that Dhoni actually more susceptible when playing test match cricket, courtesy his average footwork and handling of the short ball or is it too early to make such judgments.

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  1. I would not go as far as saying that MDS is not up to test standards but yes there a large improvement in his batting particularly against the genuinely quick bowlers. India have a tour of SA coming-up in 2010 and it is likely that someone as bouncy as Morkel could prove to be the nemesis for Dhoni.


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