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IPL3: Timing gone horribly wrong??

Some folks might not be asking this question but I am surely not one of those guys. I honestly feel that the present scheduling of IPL3 is highly questionable considering that the T20 World Cup 2010 in Caribbean is so near. This will lead to another T20 glut that is not going to do any favors to the viewership for the club games. Let us get thing very clear, and that is in the cricket perspective: we are not in the mold of the English Premier League wherein the same bunch of guys can form great, talked-about friendships during their club stints and still go totally ‘Mexican’ when it comes to the competitions wherein national teams participate. This is still a more conservative form of a not-so-global sport and we want to see some real bad blood, I am trying to say ‘extreme competitiveness’ here, between the players and the presence of IPL3 so close to the World Cup is bound to hamper this. Further, after seeing IPL matches round the clock, doesn’t the very status of a World Cup get slightly eradicated, particularly considering that T20 matches are still assuming the serious proportions that they have promised.


  1. IPL 3 or not, the T20 world cup itself is a bit of stupidity and I am not being harsh in any way. You quoted the example of the English premier league and let me take this example further. The reason why these players can ditch their club affiliations and be extremely competitive at the world cup of soccer is that the world championship is held every four years and not on an annual basis like the T20 world cup which is now looking like some kind of stepping stone towards making more moolah in IPL by impressing the team franchisees and doesn’t have the soul of a truly competitive international tournament.

  2. I couldn’t agree more with you. The very idea of IPL being stretched for so long and being peddled along the world cup in West Indies is just absurd. I mean it is going to be so much of blind-eyed hitting the ball that after some matches, most of us wouldn’t be even able to make out if a batsman is really batting well or hitting in a standard, aimless, robotic manner since he has been doing so for the past several weeks. Hey, Modi, ever heard of killing the golden goose? U seem intent on choking it time and again. And as far as your dreams about making IPL as big as EPL, better wake-up.

  3. yeah, the timing is pretty awful. we just had an overdose of this IPL circus and now it is back to some more T20 madness..all thanks to a certain disaster called Mr. Modi.


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