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Things are not going to improve overnight, so why the fuss?

This is regarding the continuing fuss about playing in IPL3 by many overseas players. It should be understood that the present situation is nothing new and things cannot be expected to change drastically. For starters, things haven’t improved in any was since the attacks in Mumbai that caused the shifting of IPL2 to SA. If there are any apprehensions, they should be directed to the organizers of IPL who are going ahead with their plans, paying no attention to the possibility of a terrorist attack or the damage that can be incurred to a nation’s international status, if something violent does happen and any international player is injured or for that matter, harmed beyond on-field injuries. This rising conundrum of opinions wherein the sub-continent is being ridiculed just makes no sense—there is nothing that has changed in the last few weeks or for that matter, the last decade that makes the entire sub-continent safer or hazardous for foreign travelers—the threat of terrorism is a real and thriving for every citizen of India and its neighboring nation and for overseas players to expect that things would improve or should be different just because they plan to come here for a few weeks is simply unwarranted.


  1. You should also understand that some of the international players participating in IPL three are from nations wherein terrorism is not as common and as endemic as among some Asian nations. I guess in that case and considering that you can never really blame anyone for being proactive to guard his life, you cannot really blame the apprehension that is causing all the confusion.

  2. you seem to be totally insensitive towards the fact that each of these players has a family too look after and risking their life for no fault of theirs cannot be simply ignored...yes, had a member of the pakistani team expressed such thoughts, it could have been said that they didn't really have the right to express security concerns, hailing from a war-torn nation like Pakistan.


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