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Bits & Pieces is the way for India at the moment

You can call it the result of playing on docile wickets and the fact that Indian batsmen are chasing 300+ scores in nearly every one-dayer that they play or the ineffectiveness of the Indian bowling attack but the fact remains that the Indian selectors have understood that this team just cannot afford to have too many specialist bowlers. As a result, from Yousuf Pathan to Jadeja and now even, Abhishek Nayyar, all players who have a record of contributing with the bat and the ball have been inducted into the team. 2011 World Cup is not very far away and the selectors and the team management most probably understand that there is not much difference between someone who can give-away six or seven runs per over, and hence, if the compromise in bowling attack means having nearly 8 batsmen, then why not take the advantage. It should be understood that a similar approach has been taken by various international teams with widely varied results. In 1996, the Sri Lankans used their part-time spinners to put together a world cup-winning effort whereas the West Indies have tried it many times and are still trying it with a host of players who can bowl medium pace or a bit slower but have found no success whatsoever. It is not a sure-win formula by any stretch of imagination but when the domestic scene is so completely devoid of quality bowlers with any real spin or pace to talk about, are there any good alternatives?


  1. you are right when u say it is a compromise for the larger benefit...i seriously wonder if India can pull it off though, how are any of these bowlers going to bowl at the death or when the batsmen are going crazy??

  2. I wouldn't be counting my money on Yusuf. He is a good bat but he self-destructs an awful lot...not really good for someone who is supposed to handle the number 7 position that is so vital for the team's balance.

  3. I am not convinced that India has the right mix when it comes to the handy players who can bowl and bat. Yusuf pathan may be cracking centuries at home but he is yet to prove himself against the quick bowlers. Yes, Raina does seem to be developing into a handy team member. Whey doesn't Sehewag bowl more often?? Really strange...


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