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IPLIII: Pakistan's predicament is its own doing

This may sound a bit rude but how can a nation that has been confirmed across the world as a breeding ground for international terrorism, can even consider complaining about international teams not wanting to play it its cities and now, its players being not allowed an easy access to IPL3? Isn't there any sort of moral responsibility within the PCB for realizing that the very presence of its team within international tournaments seems to risk the lives of other innocent, international players? Can the PCB be regarded as an entity that is separated from Pakistan itself? I am not very educated but I believe that the "P" in PCB refers to Pakistan and since the nation's administrators have repeatedly and openly denied any sort of assistance to help India curtail the terrorism issue, can it actually complain about bias towards its own players? Further, there are reports that due to 'efforts' by Mr. Modi, some Pakistani players will be able to swim in the cash-rich pool of IPL3 2010 : how far will this man go to ensure that the reputation of his franchise and his own credibility as a ruthless money-maker is augmented , even if it comes at the cost of hurting national sentiments. But then again, 'we' shouldn't be complaining too much> after all, as I write this, Kasab would be having his delicious lunch, served in a room built with thousands of dollars, paid from the tax-payer's money... sorry, if I have diverted from the topic, but what can be done when you realize that earnings diverted towards the PCB have a high chance of being converted into bullets that will pound into the flesh of our soldiers.

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  1. yes, their predicament is their own doing but you have to got to understand that once one nation begins to choose whom to invite for international matches, the trend can soon become a curse for cricket considering that international relations among many countries aren't exactly rosy...I hope you can understand the need to be diplomatic for the larger good of the game.


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