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Stop whining about India’s batting versus Bangladesh, it makes the game interesting

A lot of people in India, particularly the over-critical media, has been voicing their disappointment about how the Indian batsmen faltered against a mediocre team like Bangladesh. However, I believe that things need to be looked at from a much larger perspective.
For starters, the Idea test series has very little to offer in terms of exciting encounters since the Bangladeshi cricket team hardly has any renowned players. With the Indian batsmen getting out to a score of less than 250 runs, the game has been set-up in a manner that at least makes it a bit engaging, at least in terms of TV viewership. And further, all these emotional outbursts about India faring so averagely after graduating to the number one test team spot is getting a bit too repetitive — India haven’t even spent two straight months at this ranking. It is just an occasional thing and one day of average batting performance is not going to sink the ship… seriously, some folks need to take things a bit less seriously!


  1. It may make the match interesting for you, if you are an Indian or a Bangladeshi fan, but what about the fact that literally no one else in tersm of worldwide spectators is actually following the match?? It is about time that Bangladesh or Zimbabwe are stripped of their test match status and made to play more ODIs.

  2. It was making the game watch-worth, particularly, the first test match but with this bit of news that the Bangladeshi captain, Shakib Hasan, has been made to kneel before the chairman of the Bangladeshi cricket board, an already not-so-interesting series has gotten controversial for reasons that were totally avoidable.


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