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India versus SA 2010: is it really a ‘world championship’ series?

For those who are tuned into Neo Sports, the cricketing channel controlled by the BCCI, would know that for the last few days, the channel has been advertising the upcoming test series between South African and India 2010. as the world’s test championship series. What they are essentially referring to is the fact that while India currently occupies the number test ranking, SA are at number two and the competition among these two teams to be called the top-ranked
test team is going to be intense. However, if you try to be very precise about things, it really isn’t a test championship in any way, is it? For starters, even after repeated demands from many present and ex cricketers, there is no league format for a dedicated championship tournament to decide the world’s top, test match team. Secondly, unless Australia is a part of the mix, no test championship tournament can be complete, simply because they are the biggest threat at the moment, consistently winning at home and away, with a renewed vigor. It would have been much better hand India, SA and Australia would have been made to play some sort of a triangular test championship and the eventual prize — the baton and the rightful, unargued status as the world’s best test team of 2010!!


  1. I couldn't agree more> the cricketing media in India has the tendency to go overboard with marketing every thing about the game...and this is no different...India may be the world champs right now but it is no secret that their present status is under severe threat and they aren't used to defending world championship crowns like the aussies.

  2. I realize that this is not a properly formatted test series but given the manner in which the points system works and the way teams are ranked, you cannot undermine the criticality of the series...the winners are most likely to grab the number one spot and this will only mean making it difficult for Ponting and him men who seem intent after being removed from the pedestal they had occupied for such a lont time.


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