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How ‘global’ really is IPL3?

The third edition of the IPL is upon us and if you look at the configuration of the tournament in terms of international players participating, an immediate question comes to the mind—how ‘international’ is the International Premier League? I am not talking about the widespread disregard for T20 and the utter dismay of some former players, frowning upon how IPL is spoiling international cricketers by paying them excessively. I am concerned about its status as a globally competitive event. For starters, most of the current Australian cricketers have opted out,
stating that they would rather take rest and prolong their careers for their national teams rather than wallow in the riches of IPLIII. Secondly, you really cannot expect lots of Pakistani players to be playing, considering the current unrest in the relations of India-Pakistan. Further, England players too have refrained from participating in the aftermath of the two of their biggest stars, Flintoff and Pieterson failing miserably in the first edition—you may already know that Flintoff is away with a serious injury and Kevin Pieterson is badly out of form. Considering that nearly every current Indian player is playing and the number of international players that can be fielded isn’t a major proportion by any means, is this actually a global-scale cricketing event? I would rather look upon it as a India’s premier T20 championship that allows some international cricket players to participate. But I guess, when so much money is involved, the reality really doesn’t matter, does it Mr. Modi?


  1. I agree about the under-participation of some good players from the cricketing fraternity. What should also be highlighted is that none of the Bangladeshi players have been included and further, the number of Players from the WI too is very fractional. This really doesn’t augur well for IPL that is trying to establish itself as the most competitive, non-international cricket franchise.

  2. I agree with both you guys but you seem to be missing one very important factor—the name of the franchise itself says that it is ‘Indian’ Premier League, so the question of the number of international cricketers participating isn’t that big an issue. Yes, having more foreign players would raise the overall interest level in IPL matches but this cannot be held against the IPL policy-makers. Further, this sentiment about the IPL overpaying players cannot be really held against the cricketers—who wouldn’t want to make that much money if offered an opportunity?


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