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Ready for another IPL overdose?

The third season of IPL is about to begin and I just want to know one thing—how many people actually follow this league? Yes, there are the occasional viewers like me how just like to keep in touch regarding the final score or the match result but how about the hardcore IPL fans, I mean if there are any around? For starters, the matches are scheduled at a time that was supposed to facilitate the viewership in terms of post-working hours but then after a day’s work or even if you aren’t in a back-breaking employment like mine, do you really get excited by the prospect of international players overloaded with huge sums of money playing in a league wherein club rivalries are yet an unknown quantity and besides the trophy winner’s prize booty there seems to be no other motivating factor?

To make matters worse, Modi has schedules close to 60 matches this time with each franchise playing more than 10 matches—how many non-international games can an average, no matter how avid, cricket follower digest?


  1. I cannot say much about the others but for me, 10+ matches for each IPL franchise is a bit too much. if u watch the soccer world cup that is about to begin, the number of matches and the total number of playing hours are much, much lesser. this ensures greater viewer curiosity and maintains the exclusiveness of the tournament

  2. To make matters worse, some of the indian politicans are asking for Pakistani players to be literally inserted in the IPL? How is that going to imoprove the cricketing relations between indian and Pakistan or have positive effect on IPL3?

  3. Consider this-the English county league has a lesser number of international players and even then without all the gimmicky stuff that Modi wants to heap on the IPL, the county has hardcore fans along with the matches being watched by packed stadiums! U cannot force people into liking something!!


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