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Afridi—no longer the Pakistani roaring tiger?

He has a tiger imprint on his bat and the bat reads “sher” too which essentially means a lion and that is the type of cricketer Shahid Afridi is believed to be—till the time he started complaining about the unfair treatment against him and his teammates in being ridiculed against in the IPL auctions. It was almost unbelievable to hear the usually ferocious ‘pathan’ complaining like a meek cat on an Indian FM channel. He even had the nerves to say that he believes his team has more fans in India than in Pakistan and thus, their participation in the IPL is vital!! I always counted Afridi along the likes of Saeed Anwar and Wasim Akram—players whose performance and on-field antics reached a new height every time they played against India. I always believed that Afridi must be on the Indian team’s most vicious, almost hated opponent, considering the amount of verbal abuse he displays against the Indians. It now seems that the lure of easy IPL cash has mellowed down the Pathani tiger—they do say money can make you do strange things, don’t they?

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  1. I don't know much about tigers and et all but u really cannot blame the guy considering that the entire cricketing world around him is raking in the moolah being thrown at them by the IPL. It just does not seem fair that one international team has been pruned out of the IPL aunctions and the rest of the players, even some very average ones have been offered so much > even though it is Pakistan who are one time finalists and one time, T20 champions


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