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Too many wrongs with the West Indies to recover

The ongoing, Frank Worrell 2009 test series between the WI and Australia has revoked extreme reactions from a lot of former players who deem that the Caribbean team is no longer fit to play test cricket. I believe omitting them from test cricket will not resolve anything. The problem lies with the team's internal issues that range from frustration of players on being denied due payments by the WICB and the subtle regional undercurrents that are bothering the team's dressing room.
Such regional sentiments have also seeped into the players who are assembled and are a big threat to the team's unity. Further, the pay issues with the WICB has continued with too long and the world body of cricket should try and help and resolve the issue in some way. Now, it seems that Chris Gayle, the current skipper of the team is reluctant to even play test cricket and he has voiced his opinions openly in the media. For me, this is blatant indiscipline. Yes, speaking your mind should be encouraged but not in a way that is damaging to the team's reputation. The West Indies are now being described as a team that is just waiting for the test series to get wrapped-up so the more easier format of the game, i.e. the T20s and then the ODIs can begin. Plz understand that the WI is composed of players from many small island nations, some of which are progressing steadily in terms of economic recovery and now want a separate cricketing identity by launching their own, national teams. Thanks to the increasing number of T20 domestic games, the support and the loyalties for small island teams has grown much stronger - something like the club obsession that is found in the English and European soccer leagues.

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