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Sehewag's ODI predicament

There is no other way of saying that it was extremely sad to see Sehewag get out on 293, just seven runs short of becoming the cricketer to have scored most test centuries. Looking at his amazing test record, I wonder what is the reason behind his modest average of just about 33.00, considering that most ODIs are high-scoring run affairs, these days. Further, it seems that the ODI format just fails to bring the best out of Viru, irrespective of how mediocre the bowling may be. His humble average in the 50-over format could be due to the fact that he is not sure about the run rate that he should be maintaining in comparision to test cricket wherein run rate is not his first priority and he can select balls to hit or like the T20s wherein he can madly slash at every ball, since that is what is expected of every opening batsmen batting for just 20 overs. Still, considering his record and his appetite of runs, Sehewag's ODI batting average is a baffling fact.

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