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Is Ravinder Jadeja worth the investment?

The Indian team for the upcoming ODI Series against Sri Lanka 2009 has been announced and it seems that the selectors and Dhoni have put their faith in the all-round capabilities of Jadeja. The lef-arm spinner from Saurashtra has been in the frame for some time, and has been promoted as the solution to India's inability to find a genuine all-rounder.
However, I don't believe that he has the makings of being such an effective player unless he is tried out at the top of the batting order since he simply cannot pulverize the bowling towards the end of the innings. Yes, his bowling is pretty useful on most pitches as containing runs is the foremost parameter for bowlers these days but then it is his batting during crucial stages that has come for some criticism in the recent past. I just don't see him developing into a good finisher like Bevan, but he could be more useful at number 3-4. Then again, a problem crops-up, since India has a long list of strokemakers who want to bat up the order and there is just no way that Yuvraj Singh can be demoted in terms of being the preferred number four Indian bastman.

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  1. Most of my friends are beginning to say that Jadeja is good future prospect..most of them impressed by his bowling. I would agree to a certain extent but his batting needs to be tested a lot more. For starters, he doesn't look like a great hitter of the ball and sending him so low down the batting order may not be the best bet> can he be floated just a bit on ocassions, like coming in at number 5 just to see if he can build-up an innings in accordance with the tempo of the game


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