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Not Knee-jerking this... why are Yusuf, Rohit Sharma backed so much?

Please understand that this is not a knee-jerk reaction to India’s defeat in the first T20 match against SL. This has been happening over the last two seasons. For some strange reason, the selectors and the likes of Gavaskar and Ravi Shastri seem to be very vocal about the abilities of Rohit Sharma and Yusuf Pathan.
The elder Pathan for one is touted as the missing all-rounder that the team needs though he has never done anything even close to substantial to justify this faith. Similar is the case with Rohit Sharma who despite a string of failures, now combined with injury-enforced breaks and an average domestic season is back in the reckoning though he has never actually delivered when it mattered the most — so why are these two players being imposed upon us as the ‘young’ stars of the team that ‘will’ win the 2011 World Cup for India? Ravi Shastri seems to have a blind faith in Pathan’s ability to score match-winning innings, though every time he comes out to bat, an average, ridiculous dismissal is always guaranteed and he isn't a spinner by any measure — when is the last time you saw Yusuf turn the ball in any imaginable way?? Even when playing for the Rajasthan Royals, Yusuf has not been the greatest of performers considering that that his team depends a lot on his batting, often looking up to to finish the matches, but he has done that very, very seldom.

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