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After Test-match glory, India's poor going in T20s is re-surfacing

It might have been largely unnoticed owing to India’s decent ODI status and their extremely improved test rankings, but their showing in the T20s has been on the downslide ever since they became champions at the inaugural T20 World Championship. It is hard to pinpoint the reason for this but it seems that the bowling department isn't able to come good, as there are no seamers who can hit the block-hole with regularity.
It is precisely the same reason, turned opposite, that is working for Pakistan’s success as the current World Champions of T20 and their continued success in this format. With Umar Gul and Mohammed Aamer bowling a good, yorkish length repeatedly and with Ajmal able to fox-out the batsmen, scoring runs against them isn't very easy. Similar is the case with the Lankans, who have Malinga and Kulusekera who generally are adept at bowling tight overs when the batsmen are going crazy. The same cannot be said about India wherein they have more line-and-length bowlers who are also handicapped in terms of bowling some pacey, short-stuff that can curtail the run making.

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