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3 Day test Weekend cricket a solution?

Ian Chappell recently said that he wanted test cricket to be formatted in a style wherein only three days of cricket would be played, with nearly seven hrs of cricket every day. Yes, he did make sense in saying that the matches should be scheduled over the weekend, from Friday to Sunday, but does this assure of better viewership in a substantial manner?
I mean, the game is suffering more from boredom induced by dead pitches rather than lack of crowds in the stadium and I don't agree that stretching proceedings beyond 100 overs is an actual solution. Yes, day and night test matches do make sense and are needed but the more critical need is to ensure that test matches are played on result-oriented pitches with some breathing game in the cricketing calendar. Test matches are played on slow, turning Lankan wickets wherein the chances of the Lankan side winning are always high and matches are often scheduled on weekends, but the attendance is stadiums is not every average, why? simply because the pitches are such that the day's proceedings can be foretold to a large extent, taking out the surprise element from the game and as a result, the crowd's attention cannot be engaged. Weekend cricket just doesn't seem like a very effective solution Mr. Chapell.

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