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Kiwis just cannot handle Pak bowlers

The final of the three test match series between Pakistan and the Kiwis is underway and it is very clear that no matter how little the Pakistani batsmen will score, their bowlers can always pull the game back, courtesy the poor batting on display by the Kiwi batsmen. It is not just the spin of Saeed Ajmal or Kaneria that they are struggling against, nearly every Pakistani bowler has got his number on a Kiwi batsmen.
Vettori must be scratching his head, trying to find at least two batsmen to bat at the top of the order who can at least play out a session without giving the jeepers to the men in the dressing room. What is amazing is that these are the kind of pitches that the Kiwis have been brought up on and yet, their footwork against swing bowling is almost non-existent. All of them are happy to be perched on the backfoot, waiting for the ball to swing and do something before they commit themselves to a stroke and by the time they do so, their stumps are shattered or they are caught plumb, in front of the wicket. As things stand now, it is again up to the latter half of the lower-middle order of New Zealand to somehow bail out the team, as the top-order has crumbled to Kaneria who has been absent from the wicket-taking scene for some time. Asif first and now Kaneria, it is like a comeback season for the Pak bowlers against suspect, under-par Kiwi batsmen.

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