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Vettori might have delivered the knock-out punch

The last of the three test matches between Pak and NZ had tilted seriously in favour of the Pakistani team with Kaneria having taken a five-wicket haul when no one was expecting the ball to turn. Well, to be honest, most of the wickets were handed out to him due to the inability of the Kiwis to come forward and meet the ball before it gained that decisive curve.
However, Vettori has delivered once again, augmenting and cementing his position as a contemporary all-rounder and not just another handy, low-order contributor with runs. His batting was simply awesome in terms of being choosy about his strokes. I cannot recall Vettori having made a more crucial century in his entire test cricket history. And now it seems that another comeback man in the series, Tuffey, has taken a liking to Vettori's mold and probably for the first time he contributed handsomely with a well-made 80. With a total of 450+ runs on the board, it will take some doing for the Pakistanis to turn the match around as they have to counters Vettori's bowling on a slowing pitch and overcome the first innings lead before even imagining of bowling-out the Kiwis on the final day. For now, it seems like a 2-1 result in favour of New Zealand unless they do something drastic to undermine their chances in this match.

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