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Where is the pace among these 'fast' bowlers?

Yes, it is good to see Zaheer and Nehra come back to the Indian squad. Finally, there is some teeth to the Indian bowling that has been under some serious hammering over the last few month. The whole nation is going ga-ga over Sreesanth's five-wicket haul. I don't want to sound too pessimistic, but it is a fact that apart from Nehra who does touch the 140 km/hr mark every now and then, none of the supposed 'fast' bowlers are actually bowling quick. Some folks might want to point-out the packed calendar for the burn-out of these bowlers but this really cannot be put forth as an excuse simply because this is a highly-competitive sport and each of these men are being paid loads of money> so how they maintain their fitness and what measures they take to withstand the international gruelling schedule is simply their headache. The team's followers only want performance being sustained by those who wear the national cap and perform up to the benchmarks that have been set for them. Praveen Kumar's name cannot be mentioned along with these guys, simply because he never promised to deliver pace along with seam> he is essentially a mover of the ball and that is exactly what he is doing at the moment though notching-up 130-135 km/hr more regularly won't hurt him either.

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