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Rajat Bhatia keeps peforming, anyone even notices?

Most Indian cricket followers won't even know about Rajat Bhatia. He is one of the most capable, untried players from the Indian domestic scene. Further, he is best suited to fill-in the gap of the all-rounder that is still there in the Indian team. Despite not having much pace or swing in his bowling, this street-smart cricketer has been able to take bucket-full of wickets and further, his batting is a big advantage. So many times, Rajat has bailed out his side, coming down at number five, batting like a true champion > dogged, determined till the last ball is bowled. Some followers of the Delhi cricket scene often called him LMS> Last Man Standing, because despite what happens in a match Rajat Bhatia just doesn't quit and yet, his performance has gone largely unnoticed by the Indian selectors.

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