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Aussie Bowling Riches are piling-up

The absence of a Warnie or a McGrath will always be felt, but just look at the kind of bowlers Ponting has at his disposal right now - the choice of lef-armers is seriously widespread with Bollinger, Johnson and Bracken ready to bend their backs and among the more conservative-type, line & length bowlers, Hillfenhaus is shaping-up real good and Stuart Clarke, despite his lack of pace, has the ability to come good when the going gets really tough. Add to this mix, the really fast bowlers like Brett Lee and Tait, and you have a pretty penetrative Aussie bowling attack. Yes, there are some vacancies in the spin department but Hauritz can keep-up one end really tight. I believe this pool of bowlers is good enough to win test matches on most pitches, and against every kind of opposition that is pitched against the Aussies. This makes them plenty of arsenal as they prepare for the 2011 World Cup. Further, their bowling powress should not be underestimated just because the World Cup is going to be played in the subcontinent. If you recall, some of the last few home series that India has hosted and those played in Sri Lanka, it seems that any side that has fast bowlers who can bend their backs and save about crucial runs by bowling hard into the ground, into the rib-cages of the batsmen, even in matches where 300+ is the average score are worth their weight in the team.

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