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Hashim Amla, another quiet achiever in the Dravid mold

Hashim Amla has been an opening for SA in test and ODIs for quite some time now. However, it was only recently that I noticed his averages that were flashed on the TV screen and I was surprised to find out that he averages nearly 48 in his ODI career and his strike-rate too is pretty impressive. In the absence of a regular opener, with Gibbs not being able to sustain his form or fitness, Amla has been a great find for SA, particularly for the captain, Graeme Smith. I guess, most folks don't realize how integral he has become to the SA batting line-up, simply because his presence is without any kind of gimmick, leaving only his performance to speak on his behalf, and I guess, these days, being in this Dravid-like, saintly mold does deprive a deserving cricketer of some due attention. In my opinion, he does fill-in the solidity provided by Kallis whenever Kallis is not around due to his back that is now beginning to bother him on a sustained basis.

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