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Grassy bowler, what's that Mr. Boycott?

This is with reference to Anderson's five wicket-haul against the South Africans, to take this team 2 -1 in the ongoing ODI series. I read somewhere Geoffery Boycott explaining Anderson as a Grassy bowler meaning any pitch that has a bit of grass and some moisture, alike the English conditions, were suited best for James Anderson. Well, you couldn't agree more> take away these basic ingredients and Anderson turns into another routine, straight length bowler, incapable of moving the ball in any possible way. He does remind a bit of Caddick of England, who was brilliant against any type of batsmen, including the might Aussies, every time an Ashes test match was played on a typical English pitch. I recall having watched many televised commentaries by Wasim Akram who often regarded Caddick as one of the best exploiters of the swinging conditions that prevail in England but a bowler with limited means when it come down to testing your skills against the brownish, slow pitches of the sub-continent, which essentially means that Caddick was short on learnings skills that were beyond the obvious and I think, reverse swinging the ball and bowling yorkers is what Akram has been referring towards.

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