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Eric on Netflix India is Daringly Different, Dark & Recreating Benchmarks

Benedict Cumberbatch Blue Monster Eric
When Benedict Cumberbatch said that dressing up as a giant blue monster is "one of the most ludicrous things I've done" for the Netflix show, Eric, he must have forgotten to mention that he perhaps knew all along that this is one of the biggest performances that showcases his versatility as a performer.

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You will surely relate with Eric if your childhood was in the shadows of the mayhem associated with dysfunctional marriages. If your parents quarreled a lot, and as a result, you still carry many emotional scars of growing up through the years with a type of fear that cannot be explained and that unsettling feeling continues to be there, deep in your heart, even if your parents have departed, you will instantly relate with the child who is perhaps, just running away from himself. It is that feeling does not go away - it lasts for a lifetime and Eric uses the darkness of this reality to beautifully conjure a scenario as a part of its storytelling. The depths of it include the corruption in NYPD, it highlights the corruption in our minds, and how choosing to be a different individual often causes our world to be shaken, stirred, and almost decimated.

You will love Eric if you have been waiting for a role where Benedict Cumberbatch appeared more vulnerable than ever, more pushed to the wall than ever before, and despite being full of himself, he looks ready to break & shatter every few minutes. Yes, that is how Eric portrays him and thankfully, Benedict does justice to the role, from his 80s get-up to his ranting, imagining, shouting, drinking, cursing, and just rolling on with the words.

You will appreciate Eric for how it bravely blends OTT genres, using the blue monster in a comical yet cruel way. This has not been attempted before. The storyline is without any fractures along the way and paced to perfection. The figment of imagination that creates Eric is presented beautifully. You don't need to be drunk or depressed to understand what the makers of Eric are putting up here. If you have seen Ted and by watching the Netflix recommendation thumbnails, you are expecting something similar, you are in for a lovely, sweet surprise. I even questioned myself. When was the last time the protagonist played the role of a puppeteer? Can walking under two blocks to your school be daring and a defining moment. This show has the answers, some very uncomfortable and others unsettling.

You might like Eric if you feel that lately, the thriller genre shows on Netflix on OTT have started becoming predictable. This short series puts some oxygen back in the lungs of OTT storytelling with its boutique handling of complicated family relationships, the emotional baggage of childhood that we carry, and a superbly chosen star cast to create a brew that is instantly refreshing, to say the least.

You can adore Eric for some of the dialogues and there are so many of them that it is hard to think of which one is the clear winner. For instance, take this when Edgar uses the simplest words to describe her mother, quoting, "She smells of flowers and coffee". I instantly flashbacked to my childhood where my grandmother smelled of incense and the likable odor of sun-dried cotton.

You will acknowledge the makers of Eric for picturizing strained and difficult relationships. They do this via smartly chosen words, organic visuals, and little background music. The facial expressions are not overcooked, and the story remains edgy even as more highly tangled human relationships find a way to get more complicated. There is a mention of finding a way to overcome the darkness which rests in you. This could not be more perfectly quoted - yes it does, and it does without any reason, and it can take years or even a lifetime to face it, let alone defeat it.

This is the less personal, more official review of Eric, Netflix - India:

What is the limited series about?

"Eric," a chilling six-part Netflix miniseries, has captured audiences with its intricate storytelling set against the gritty backdrop of 1980s New York City. Created by Abi Morgan and starring the remarkable Benedict Cumberbatch, the series follows the harrowing journey of Vincent, a puppeteer on a popular children's TV show, whose life unravels when his nine-year-old son, Edgar, vanishes without a trace.

Why Vincent, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, is such a complex character?

Struggling with overwhelming grief and addiction, Vincent's fragile psyche begins to manifest Eric, a haunting blue monster inspired by his son's drawings, a manifestation of his inner turmoil and tormented conscience. Cumberbatch's captivating performance brings to life Vincent's descent into madness and the complexities of his fractured relationships. You can feel the madness literally and this is all because of Benedict pulling off perhaps one of his best performances to date.

Why is the theme of families coming apart central to Eric's story?

Gaby Hoffmann delivers a powerful portrayal as Cassie, Vincent's wife, who grapples with the devastating loss of their child and the disintegration of their once-happy family. McKinley Belcher III shines as Detective Ledroit, an NYPD detective determined to find Edgar amidst the corruption and bias plaguing the police force.

What makes Eric different from other popular OTT Netflix limited series?

What sets "Eric" apart is its genre-blending approach, seamlessly weaving elements of procedural drama with magical realism. While the central plot revolves around the search for Edgar, the narrative fearlessly delves into broader social issues, exploring homelessness, police corruption, and the racial and homophobic tensions that permeated the era. This dual focus occasionally causes the story to feel disjointed, but it also lends depth and relevance to the series.

What are the critics saying about Eric, the series on Netflix?

Critics have praised "Eric" for its unique take on a missing child story, the largely stellar performances, and its atmospheric depiction of 1980s New York. It is a thought-provoking and emotionally charged thriller that engages viewers through its multifaceted plot and complex characters, impacting those who witness this haunting tale. But largely, the critics can go to Hell - just watch the damn thing!

I expect the goofy, husky, blue-colored, and monstrously-sized Eric to soon become a part of GIFs and animations on communication platforms like WhatsApp and Skype. I am praying that there is no sequel to it though, toward the ending, there is a hint of it. There have been so many Netflix series that have depicted the LGBTQ lifestyle across different decades. I am not saying that Eric does it artisanally differently but this OTT show does it subtly & strongly, whichever is needed for the moment. This treatment of the subject and how the same-gender equations have been weaved into the story is truly remarkable...

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