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For those who have IBS in the times of Corona Pandemic

If you have a history of IBS, it is most likely that no one and I mean not even the most qualified physician out there, would have been able to fully understand your set of symptoms -  that is the problem with IBS, it is highly symptomatic and very unpredictable. That is how complicated IBS can be but strangely, despite all the medicinal and guidance-based support, nobody really understands what the sufferer is put through. At this time, when the Corona scare is at its worst, you need to double-up your layers of protection to ensure a flare-up is prevented. For starters, the Corona global pandemic is about a lot of cynical views around you - don't let this get you into that space where you start believing that the world is coming to an end. It looks like it but in reality, we will bounce back - everyday folks like you and me and the governments that are responsible for protecting us. Don't read too much into how much worse it can get. The idea is to control your anxiety levels on a daily basis since right now when the more normal Joe seems to be slightly frantic.

Anxiety is perhaps the biggest cause of IBS flare-ups, followed by food sensitivities. I know this from a decade-long battle against IBS - anxiety levels can really mess up whether food moves too slow or fast through your intestines. So, don't spend hours watching every theory about the Coronavirus debacle on Facebook and social media channels - all the stories circulating around you, along with the job insecurities will make you feel anxious. Don't allow this to happen. You have to find a way to stay above the negativity flowing in from all directions. Now, the other bit about managing IBS during the times of Corona - pick packed foods with caution. Yes, right now, the supply chains are really messed up. A lot of once-average, once-hated, always-prohibited items are being retailed. Retailers are literally off-loading whatever seems to fall within the expiry range. Please be careful about the fact that IBS-D and IBS-C can be worsened by the synthetic additives, preservatives, and other chemicals that go into packed foods. Stick to your favorites, the tried & tested variety, as much as you can.

The last bit of advice - with stay-at-home prohibitions and work-at-home lifestyles being put into effect, there is every chance you will want to snack a lot and I am not talking about the calorie-related damages here. IBS sufferers don't react well when their untimely snacking perks up. It can quickly lead to repeated bouts of indigestion, bloating, and a strange feeling of being pulled down, from the chest. Please try to be more watchful every time you reach out for that bowl of fries, chips, or puffs during the midnight marathon series on Netflix or Amazon - don't bring down all the walls you had put up for planning your diet as - you want to stay in control!!

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