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Surely, Corona pandemic will inspire movie plots & Conspiracy Theory Web Series

This was when browsing for a new series to follow after having just wrapped up Good Girls on Netflix that I realized that we are perhaps sitting on one of the biggest movie story inspiring moments - this not just speculation but a surety about the things about to come. I feel assured about TV series, web series, documentary series, and many types of conspiracy theory movie plots that will use this pandemic as the main storyline. The ingredients are just about perfect for plot-creators. Just imagine using a Chinese angle where it is found that the Coronavirus is the result of a man-engineering effort aimed at displacing the US from its super-power status. Other options include the Coronavirus taking a more serious form and becoming largely air-borne. Now, the movie could be about how a family navigates cities razed to the ground by the virus, en route to some form of magical cure that cannot be found anywhere else. Other options include how the society in the aftermath of the Coronavirus pandemic is divided into two sections - those who can easily afford the immunity and those who are shut-off and forced to let fate take over without the means to buy the treatment.

Invariably, a hero would arise from these underprivileged sections and challenge the entire system. Closer home, there could be a storyline where it is found that state governments perhaps allowed the virus to take over town or regions where they were losing control, using the lock-down to manipulate the environment to overrule the public sentiments. My only advice would be not to turn these stories into something parallel to the zombie movie genre. That line of thought has been overcooked. Right now, on Netflix, there are at least 5 zombies, viral-themed series to choose from. The Corona story type can also include love blossoming in times of social distancing. It can also be about how self-imposed isolation can turn supposedly normal people into the OCD afflicted. It might also be about how cutting away from social interactions can perhaps push a person into meeting the inner demons head-on and hence, an inner conflict begins. The possibilities are endless...these are just some that come instantly to mind!!

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