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Catching that breath of optimism when COVID threatens to pull down your mental reserves...

Watching this video can create two impressions, i.e. impressions regarding whether this mammal is swimming in serenity or it is a constant exercise to catch that breath of air in waters that are trying to put it down, sink it. This is also something similar to the mindset that is working-from-home during the Corona viral scare, in trying to stay upbeat or at least enthusiastic. The fact is that the knowledge around us, the sheer magnitude of the data being published, the oceanic expanse of expert opinions, news editorials, and special reports that are pouring in every minute is also injecting a bit of negativity. Not just the healthcare damages, possible mishaps include the entire God damn national economy and job-future of nations that are the marketplace for us, for folks who need the projects to keep pouring in as the trickle will not really help the cause.

While working with the same sincerity is not really a problem, it is the constant onslaught of pessimism that can take a toll on the energy levels. Just like this swimmer rises to the surface to catch that bout of fresh air, I tend to get up from my dining-work-desk and visit the balcony gardens, just spending a few minutes to look at the plants that seem to absorb the life from the toxic ecosystem that surrounds them and still manage to nourish themselves in the most amazing manner and for the aesthetic-seekers, also look beautiful. The other aspect of refreshing my mind is spending a few minutes with my baby - just moving around her pram, cuddling her a bit, and walking around the house with her seated under my neck does the magic too. This is largely how we need to pull it until the COVID scare subsides and things return to more normal. As a policy, I am watching the news just a couple of times during the day, and that too for not more than 15 minutes where I skim through all the headlines and skip the real-time debates about the possible repercussions and the actual damages that are piling on...

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