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Because white-spacing published content matters...

web page presentation for better visibility
It was another morning, at the work desk, checking out the emails when I hit upon an invitation of sorts to try out Though I should be talking about the platform and the type of awesome content it shares with users like me, am taking a minute to write about the visuals and the overall aesthetics of it. This is regarding the brilliant use of white space on their web pages. User interface specialists often talk about the need to leave blank spaces to ensure the presentation is not cluttered. However, if you overdo it, the page looks vanilla and boring, as if trying to wrestle with digital advertisers and put up some ads that help to monetize the webpage. The presentation here does a brilliant white job. The blanks are located in the right spots. The headlines and sub-headings stand apart, the fonts are smartly controlled, and there is no merging text or images that seem squeezed along the margins or corners. Being a content person, I cannot help fuss about the line spacing. A week does not go by when I don't remind a junior writer about the need to format properly. For me, the textual presentation here is just about the ideal thing, it does not take a toll if you want to read the entire article. My only recommendation being that the horizontal spread can be boosted by a bit. Right now, the small paras, though very readable and tidy looking, seem too small and the vertical spread of a longer editorial can get really lengthy in terms of repeated scrolling.

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