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Honey, I need some more honey – that was bad, but yes, I eat the warm, gooey thing almost every day.

Love of eating honey - pure foods
These days, my wife has started a morning ritual of swallowing a bit of aloe vera juice as soon as I get out of bed. She remembers it, pours it, reminds me about it, and then follows up as to whether I consumed the supposed Digestive tract soothing agent or not. Notwithstanding, discussing her affection for me, this adds one more thing to what I consume every day, to a list that is predominated by Honey. For some reason, I have been having that sticky, amber-colored stuff for years now. I love to spread it on hot, toasted slices along with butter. I dip my digestive biscuits in it. It is also the SOS when sugar cravings hit me badly and I don’t have the good stuff to satiate the cravings. Other inclusions to the daily regimen include honey in hot water, infused with herbal tea extracts that I carry to the office. I might put some on vanilla ice-creamed served with almonds and cornflakes. What makes it so good?
That thick coating forms along the insides of the mouth and down the throat. Invariably, you can have it when a bout of cough does not seem to cool down on its own. You need it during the winters when almost all types of nuts are consumed and they taste better with a slight splatter of the soulfully sweet taste of nectar. There is also this thing about the purity of the products that got me started with it. For once, honey is among the most innocent looking food items. The overall persona, complete with the fiery shades, and the slow, coherent way of flowing adds to this feeling that you are consuming something with exponentially high purity levels. If you don’t want to spoil the party, don’t watch YouTube videos that talk about how to test the purity of the honey you bought. There is some bliss in this ignorance and I am loving it…

Updated on September 15th, 2021 [just a few days before my 41st birthday]

A few days back I blogged about how I am going for a comprehensive blood test since my energy levels seem to be waning and my wife too has been showing some symptoms that warrant a health check up. Not that shockingly, the sugar levels are really up. It seems like I am somewhere in the realm of pre-diabetes, and this is not to be fooled around with. My father has always had high blood sugar levels but this never took a toll on his health. I am perhaps not that genetically blessed and I need to work on reducing my sugar intake.

Being at home throughout the day, for the last 1.5 pandemic years, is also to blame. However, I am taking the blame and fixing my sugar excess. This includes doing away with the more-than-normal sojourns with honey-based combinations. I still believe, I am far away from getting the real thing - despite my online research, the honey brands I have been liking are still peddling some sort of sugary syrups and this is definitely contributing to the rising blood sugar levels. Until the winters come about, the honey intake will be drastically cut down! 

Read this about some inferior type of Chinese sugar that is being used by top Honey retailing brands

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