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Big sandwiches are good but when they turn meal-sized, are we still eating them like a sandwich?

eating big burgers with forks
The other day I was at Burger Place, Rajouri and I ordered the double-egg burger. Here, the burger patty was really big. It had been filled with poached eggs and lots of green veggies. The result was a true gastronomic delight. The eggs were slightly mushy and when pressed slightly almost hung tightly to either side of the burger buns like some industrial adhesive and the flowy sauces and cheese things were equally warm and orgasmic. However, I had a small issue. I just couldn’t eat the burger like a burger.

It was too big. It was oozing too much of the good stuff. I could not afford to press and kill my vulnerable patty. And I hate when the cheese starts to drip. So, the solution was finding refuge in a plastic fork and slowly eating away the hand-sized burger. Did this ruin the taste? Not really. I should say not at all. In fact, having a burger like a plateful of the meal was a refreshing experience. Now, when I compare this with some of the sandwiches I come across in Delhi’s cheese-based eat-out locations, it seems that eating these sandwiched, held-up like the traditional way of eating your bread is not really practical.
You need to fork it down, pull and slice it off otherwise you might look like a Neanderthal or some starving refuge. Either way, you are not going to create good social impressions. Anyways, having all the ingredients spill out, almost pour down the fingers is not aesthetic in any way. But then, there is another issue to manage—does eating a sandwich or a big boy burger with a fork make you look pseudo and desperate-level fashionable wannabe? In some ways, I think yes but then, I couldn’t care less. I will eat my food, the way I want, without giving a fuck about what the bystanders, onlookers, and opinion-ridden souls have to say about it! This is not talking about what is trending in the world of take-away or how oversized, monster burgers are being talked about so much on food channels/media? Believe this - run a Google search and you will get tips on eating a massive burger. Again, I don't understand the etiquette of it, and more importantly, if it delivers anything besides the initial, visual engagement of a few minutes and then, it comes down to fighting the monstrosity, continuously reminding yourself that this is famous, expensive, and perhaps, so-worth-it!

At home, Moha has tried the multi-tiered sandwich and while I enjoy it on some occasions, largely I feel it creates a mess. One fundamental problem with it is that while the ingredients are carefully and painfully, and slowly, layered on top of each other, taking care of the dry layers being sandwiched between the saucy layers, a couple of bites destroys the entire work put into it. Even worse is the fact that you have to gather the spilled out ingredients and try to put them back between the layer of bread. The entire experience makes me realize that looking at massive, overflowing burgers or sandwiches is perhaps good for gastronomic journalism and vlogging-focused gourmet marketing but it isn't a real diner's delight.

Read this about a club sandwich that is not emaciated, lean, or too athletic. Instead, it has the right amount of bulk without trying to look visually overwhelming and still delivering the perfect blend of all ingredients in every bite.

Yes, there is always a section of people amongst us who perhaps equate the mountain-sized preparations with money well spent but still, I cannot find any sense to it. In contrast, the club sandwich is a lot more civilized, and practical too. Though I don't find the ongoing arguments about the genesis of the club sandwich and its history, I would say it handles the balancing act rather well. There are just about two big layers between the slices of bread. You get a mouthful of the veggies in each bite, delivering the perfect crispiness, and the sauces are not running down like an overflowing dam.

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